Sustainability and know-how is crucial to us.
We share with the community.

Since summer 2010 mimacom is a gold sponsor of the Java User Group Switzerland. With two associates, the mimacom is also represented in the executive board of the organization.

In 2011 Martin Kernland, Senior Architect at mimacom, became president of the executive board.
The sponsoring is a commitment to the development location Switzerland and the idea of Open Source.

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The "swiss made software" label has dedicated itself to promoting the Swiss software industry both in Switzerland and abroad. It is associated with Swiss values such as quality, reliability and precision – in particular in software development.

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Naturally mimacom which relies so heavily on open source technologies is also a member of /CH/OPEN (Swiss Open Systems User Group). mimacom is has a sponsor membership and supports the associtation whereever possible. In 2011 mimacom sponsored the /CH/OPEN Youth Award which was distributed during a yearly ceremony.

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mimacom is now Global Consulting and Systemintegration Partner of Confluent

26 June 2017

Nowadays, companies base their decision-making in the analysis of information in real time. New technological trends, specialized in data management, support this process throughout the ingestion, processing, storage and management of those large volumes of structured and unstructured data that come in, out or turn around the company in order to turn that data into real value for the business.



06 April 2017

There is a new player in the European market for cloud consulting services: the two leading digital business innovation companies OpenCredo and mimacom have set up a joint venture that specializes in the provision of consulting services for cloud computing systems. This step allows the two companies to strengthen their longstanding cooperation and exploit common synergies. The name of the new joint venture reflects its objective of supporting business users from all industries find and successfully implement the right cloud solutions and systems: Just Cloud It!


mimacom group continues global growth with the opening of an office in Singapore

21 November 2016

mimacom asia Pte Ltd. Is located at 30 Cecil Street in the downtown core. The opening of the Singapore office is the company`s first presence in the Asia-Pacific region. To date, mimacom has seen strong growth in the North American market since the opening of an office in the U.S. in 2015, and in Europe with the recent opening of an office in the Czech Republic in June 2016.

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