Nowadays, companies base their decision-making in the analysis of information in real time. New technological trends, specialized in data management, support this process throughout the ingestion, processing, storage and management of those large volumes of structured and unstructured data that come in, out or turn around the company in order to turn that data into real value for the business.

Having an architecture for manipulating data sources based on Open Source such as Kafka, will allow organizations to have an agile, scalable and very high-performance platform for their ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes in real time.

It is a distributed platform of "streaming", that allows the continuous retransmission, without interruptions of data. Kafka processes small blocks of data sequentially, continuously and immediately.
This type of architecture is a key cornerstone in projects such as "Machine Learning", "IoT" (Internet of Things), "BI" (Business Intelligence) or "Big Data". However today, more and more companies of all kind are migrating to these infrastructures and are benefiting from the competitive advantage offered by these tools.

With this partnership, mimacom strengthens its positioning and offering, adding new capabilities with the Confluent Enterprise platform. This follows our path and expertise acquired with the Elastic Stack (ELK). With this combination, mimacom offers the most innovative solutions and services on these technologies and expands its leading position as a service provider in Data Management & Enterprise Search on the international market.

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