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You have strict requirements. Our portal solution has the flexibility to meet them.


mimacom uses Liferay`s open source portal and digital platform solution, recognized as a “leading solution” repeatedly by Gartner.

With the latest version, called DXP (Digital Experience Platform), Liferay has evolved from an enterprise portal to a digital integration platform which allows the creation, management and delivery of personalized sites for your customers, partners and employees. As a component of the mimacom technology stack, Liferay DXP has proven itself in numerous projects to be a high-performing and reliable solution.

  • mimacom is a Platinum Partner of Liferay (partner level varies by country) and has already been awarded with the “Liferay Community Award” and the “Liferay Partner Contribution of the Year Award”.
  • Mature portal solution: Liferay is a mature solution and an established leader on the market with well over 250,000 installations. Liferay DXP offers the most important functionalities you would expect from a modern platform: identity & access management, personalization of content, optimization for mobile access and many standard collaboration and social media functions.
  • Expandability and integration: Liferay DXP offers a client-compatible solution that can be integrated on the basis of open standards with additional existing, new and third-party applications such as SAP, Alfresco, and elasticsearch. mimacom can also easily develop new Java-based applications and integrate them into Liferay.
  • Investment protection: Because we incorporate open source technologies that are widely used and well supported, you can rest assured that your investment in the solution is well protected.
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