Structured flexibility thanks to mimacom path™ methods.

mimacom path™ makes use of agile methods such as Scrum, complemented by recognized quality assurance systems such as Total Quality Management (TQM). This also allows us to take a flexible stance when approaching major projects and safeguarding your high quality standards. Thanks to agile methods, each iteration of the product being created will benefit from an incremental improvement in quality.




Agile approach

First of all, a product backlog is prepared based on your requirements. We then divide the project into iterations – called sprints. Each of these sprints starts with a Sprint Planning Meeting, during which the sprint backlog is produced. This covers the product backlog requirements which are to be implemented in the coming sprint. These requirements are implemented by our Scrum Team over the next two to four weeks.

A product increment is ready for you at the end of the sprint. The delivery object of sufficient quality to go live is produced and is ready for operation. You can follow project progress and influence its further development. We use review meetings (organized acceptances after software presentations and testing) and retrospective meetings to safeguard the quality of the product, teamwork and processes.

The advantages to you

  • A high level of flexibility as requirements change
  • Transparency during project processing
  • Broad end user acceptance and customer satisfaction for your new products
  • Efficiency through systematic management of costs, scope and quality
  • Lean process, rapidly implemented and adapted to individual requirements
  • Optimum deployment of the resources available to you through iterative prioritization and systematic timeboxing