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One essential feature of the Internet of Things (Internet 4.0) is that it makes the acquisition and integration of data from different sources accessible as a service. Big data, cloud services and cloud platforms are the building blocks of today’s IT.

Now IT managers and CEOs are asking questions such as:

  • What is our company's data worth? 
  • What data sources can our company use? 
  • If we need to integrate data analysis over several IT systems, who can support us?
  • Do we want our infrastructure to be in the cloud, or not? 


 Inforgrafic Pivotal


Choose mimacom to help you answer them. mimacom is one of the first Pivotal Partners in Europe: we have mastered the technologies and methods of the platform.

Pivotal has set itself the goal of revolutionizing the creation and operation of cloud applications as well as data management and analysis. In addition to the technological edge that open source provides, Pivotal offers completely new pricing models that will dramatically reduce your IT costs.

WHY choose mimacom?

It’s easy for a startup to jump onto the cloud, but not for an established enterprise. You need to know how best to set up your cloud, in order to leverage cost savings and grow customer satisfaction.

The alliance between Pivotal and mimacom lets us combine Pivotal’s strengths with mimacom’s project know-how to create custom software, transform existing solutions, and integrate applications into your IT environments. With our combined efforts, we can, for example, construct data lakes (central data warehouses) for you or analyse the ones you have. We’ll work with you to determine how Pivotal PaaS can help you, then plan and perform the migration.


Meet with us to discuss your challenges; we’ll work with you to develop the best solutions. Curiosity is the first step to innovation: schedule an appointment today with representatives from Pivotal and mimacom together.

Are you interested?

A phone call can help both sides to see how we can work together and find a solution with Pivotal.

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