You need a fast, simple and practical way to reach your vision?
We’ll show you the path.

Open source software allows individual solutions to be perfectly tailored to you and your customers' requirements. With mimacom path™ technology, we can develop new and efficient solutions for you and your customers quickly and affordably.

Our modern web applications or mobile applications adapt open source software into customer-specific solutions. Your interactions with customers will be faster and more efficient, which means greater customer satisfaction. Since the open source environment has such rapid innovation cycles, we can integrate the very latest technologies into the mobile applications, big data applications and complex (HTML 5) web applications we create for you.

mimacom path™ is the tried-and-true basis on which we have developed customized solutions in many different sectors . Our applications will meet your most stringent requirements for security, functionality and usability. We will integrate the applications into your processes to make your information more quickly and easily available. We will help you to draw up requirements as early as the design phase and then go on to support and develop the application further, even after the system goes live.

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mimacom has developed a range of different solutions for Swisscom (Corporate Business), which the company offers to its clients as eServices.

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