You want effective and transparent management of your IT project portfolio. We have the perfect solution!

mimacom specialists can show you how to sustainably manage your project portfolio with the support of JIRA and Confluence


It is unfortunately rare to see a project that’s traceable from the definition of the business requirements to the implementation. Weaknesses like these are common:

  • Multiplicity of tools for managing requirements, projects, programmes and portfolios.
  • Requirements that are not traceable
  • Lack of transparency due to infrequent reporting
  • No overview of the implementation status of requirements, projects and programmes

Project Structure Compact

Seeing these weaknesses, mimacom decided years ago to define a streamlined path (mimacom path) for managing IT projects, programmes and portfolios, which sets out the methods we use and the toolchain that supports them. mimacom path represents a best-of-breed solution that perfectly harmonizes the process, from requirements and code management to an automated build and subsequent test execution.

mimacom path toolchain is the result of years of standardization efforts by mimacom, aiming to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of our software development and to implement projects at the highest maturity level (CMMI Level 5). The core of the toolchain is JIRA, which transparently integrates all the development tools .

More and more mimacom customers are seeing the benefits of tracing testing results back to the requirements. The standardized and our customized reports and shared dashboards are fully transparent about the current state of the portfolio of programmes and projects.


We take both your corporate values and your processes into account when helping you implement your value chain. JIRA and our toolchain are essential in this: they serve as a central interface between IT and business. We see tools as supporting human-centred design and facilitating work. mimacom helps you by designing, building and integrating the toolchain (or individual modules) and training your employees in agile project management and software development.

mimacom consultants have years of experience in agile methods and toolchain integration. Their professional support brings our customers success. 

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Putting JIRA and Confluence to work

Configuration of JIRA/Confluence, a cross-departmental mandate management system was established and a JIRA idea management system was implemented and introduced for the website.

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