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A portal solution will provide a personalized means of coordinating web applications, services and processes. The online service provides a company and its employees with simple access to the IT resources and contents relevant for them. This is a simple way of giving customers, partners and employees a means of working via the Internet and mobile devices and accessing the company's own information using the web applications provided.

mimacom and Liferay

When developing enterprise portals, we rely on Liferay, the leading open source portal solution, which the Gartner Group considers to be one of the "leaders".

The enterprise portal is an open integration platform based on standards. As a component of mimacom path™, the open source solution has shown itself to be an especially high-performing and reliable portal solution in numerous projects.

We are a Platinum Partner of Liferay, winner of both the Liferay Community Award 2011 and the Liferay Partner Contribution of the Year Award 2012, and also the only service partner which is also a technology partner.

Mature portal solution: Liferay is a mature portal solution, which has established itself as a leader on the market for enterprise portals with well over 250,000 installations. Liferay enterprise portal offers the usual core functionalities expected from a modern portal: identity & access management, personalization of content, optimization for mobile access and numerous standard functions in relation to collaboration and social computing.

Expandability and integration: The solution offered is client compatible and can be integrated on the basis of open standards with additional existing, new and third-party applications such as SAP, Alfresco, and elasticsearch. Thanks to the standardized Java platform mimacom path™ technology, it is simple to create new applications and integrate them in the portal.

Investment protection: The consistent use of open source technologies and the associated widespread use of the product ensure your investment in the solution will benefit from maximum protection.


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For the staff portal "MyBasler" mimacom has implemented the CI/CD for Liferay on an Icefaces basis and has energetically supported Basler during the portlet development. Both in the build-up of know-how & infrastructure, and in the development field itself.


Cyberadministration is the eGovernment-Platform of the Canton of Vaud. mimacom has shown its support by consulting the canton about the introduction of Good Practices and the basic configuration of the project-specific Liferay-platform. The implementation of portlet development for monitoring-applications, which evaluate helpdesk activities, is currently in process.


With myStraumann 2.0 based on Liferay, mimacom accomplished a global intranet solution in the field of site-, role- and organisation-specific capture and provision of Content. The complex functional model and its linkage to AD, the locally junction or separation of contents as well as the pleasing usability were the biggest challenges of this application.