Just Cloud It

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Just Cloud It

Just Cloud It is a joint venture of industry-leaders mimacom and OpenCredo. We are a team of more than 30 highly skilled ex-perts, who have been creating pragmatic solutions for our clients in the field of enterprise-wide private, public and hybrid-cloud environments since 2009.

Our Pledge

We are vendor-independent and unbiased, which allows us to create the best possible solution tailored to your needs. We do not stop at concepts and recommendations – together with your teams we execute and solve even the most complex problems for you, covering not only technology but also help transform your supporting organisation and processes.

Vendor-neutral and unbiased

We make your organisation cloud-ready by identifying your needs first and then help find the best possible solution and technologies for the job.

Wide range of Industries & Technologies

Our consultants are passionate architects, team-leads and hands-on engineers with many years of Big Data as well as Real-Time experience in industries such as banking, automotive and online betting as well as cloud-native technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCE, Cassandra and many more.

Solutions tailored to your specific needs

  • Enterprise solutions
  • Cloud-native apps
  • Migrating monolithic legacy systems
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Solutions

Achieve real business results

Markets demand faster delivery than ever. New technologies can only deliver on their promises when embedded in agile processes. We help transforming processes along your value stream to give the business the flexibilty it needs.