Interview with Adrián García, Support and Application Maintenance Responsible

I met Adrian and tried to find out, how life can be in a county of a country, where everybody think it is always sunny and warm!

Antje: Hello Adrián, welcome to the interview. You are responsible for our support team and you work in our office in Gijón, North of Spain. You need to coordinate a lot and you are in touch with a lot of colleagues, customers and partners. How is it to handle all that? How does a "normal" workday looks like?

Adrián: It’s a challenge! ,-) First of all, there is a big COFFEE in the morning!!! I always start checking my latest emails, checking new JIRA tickets from customers and planning the next days and priorities. There are more than 25 clients between Spain and other mimacom-countries. It is quite important to prioritize the different tasks and don´t lose the overview.

Antje: How long have you been working for mimacom?

Adrián: I have been working for mimacom for 3 years as a Software Engineer and Project Manager. Before mimacom I worked for the University, a bank and another IT-related (software but also networking, security, ...) company. The core part were Java and Liferay and now I am also interested in Cloud. I prefer backend than frontend.

Antje: How can we imagine the office life in Gijón?

Adrián: We are 14 people in the office. We start every Monday having breakfast together. Wednesday is the day for the Lunch & Learn. The work atmosphere is very nice and we are helping each other a lot! There is always somebody you can talk to, if you need a helping hand or taking a break. Beside the work, we sometimes play Mario Kart together!

Antje: As we can see on the photos, you have a lot of hobbies (skiing, travelling but also cars and motorsports) and you are there sometimes with colleagues. What does mimacom mean to you?

Adrián: I like mimacom very much! I had one job before I started here as professional and that was a „normal“ company. mimacom is very flexible and let you try things out. You can go to events for further education. It is a very pleasant cooperation!

Antje: Is there anything you always wanted to say?

Adrián: Everybody thinks in Spain it´s always good weather, but in Gijón, Asturias it is more like the rest of Europe, not Spain! I mean: rain, clouds and some days (maybe 30%) we can see the sun. And I like it as it is!

Antje: We have some final quick questions so the users can get to know you better. Ready?

Antje: Culture or Chilling?

Adrián: Chilling

Antje: Winter or Summer?

Adrián: Winter

Antje: Web or App?

Adrián: Web! Well, I really prefer app ;-)

Antje: Skiing or mountainbiking?

Adrián: Skiiing, of course!

Antje: Siesta or Fiesta?

Adrián: Fiesta (party time)

Antje: Sidra (cidre) or Sangria?

Adrián: Sidra!

Thank you, Adrian, for the interesting interview!