Interview mit Alain Sahli

Alain Sahli joined mimacom as a Junior Software Engineer in 2011. Effective January 1 of 2017, he was promoted to the position Executive Director for Technology at mimacom ag in Bern and Zurich. We would like to introduce him with a quick and entertaining interview.

Tim: Which areas do you plan to focus on and develop further at mimacom in your new role?

Alain: I want to drive the professionalization of software development at mimacom. Our quality is already on a very high level, but I think we can still be more conscious in some areas, in example when we develop new features in customer projects. Our profession allows us to sometimes act like grown up kids that just want to play and try out stuff. But we always have to keep in mind how critical some of the things are that we work on. Software has developed from a toy to something that, in many areas, people's lives depend on – analogously and literally. So it always must meet the highest quality standards.

Tim: You told me once about Elon Musk as one of your idols. What do you like about him?

Alain: He is an extremely interesting person to me. He aims at goals where other people say that it would be impossible to reach them and therewith not worth pursuing. Then he does not only say that it actually IS possible, he also proofs it by doing it. One fascinating example is that he plans to turn the human race into a multiplanetary species, and builds a spaceship that is privately funded and developed. He is extremely vision driven and always pursued his ideas and dreams, although he was almost bankrupt personally several times.

Tim: Do you think we can learn something from him at mimacom?

Alain: In a different angle, I thing we absolutely can learn a lot from him. That we should be less fearful and believe in yourselves more. We need to make our decisions, stick to them and be fully committed. At mimacom in the current times, we are in charge of our own destiny and are in full control of what we achieve together.

Tim: We have some final quick questions so the mimacom team can get to know you better. Ready? Mac or PC?

Alain: That is an easy one, clearly Mac.

Tim: Beach or mountains?

Alain: I prefer the mountains.

Tim: Car or train?

Alain: Definitely car, I am a big fan of Tesla.

Tim: Game of Thrones or Glee?

Alain: (Thinks for a moment in silence... then pretends he doesn`t even know Glee :)

Tim: Coffee or Tea?

Alain: No survival without coffee! I never drink tea.

Tim: Book or Kindle?

Alain: Generally, I like to stick with books, but sometimes the Kindle is just more convenient.

Tim: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck at your new role.

Alain Sahli was born on May 31, 1987 at 8:15pm (delivered at primetime). He is holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with focus on computer perception and virtual reality from the University of Applied Sciences in Bern. Before working at mimacom, he founded his own web engineering company. He joined mimacom ag in 2011 and since then worked here as a Software Engineer, Software Architect and Lead Software Developer. Effective January 1 of 2017, Alain was promoted as Executive Director for Technology at mimacom ag.