Meet Amélie Pauli, Head of Customer Care at mimacom ag in Bern

More than 20% of all mimacom employees are female. Some work in administration and finance, but a fair number also works in technical jobs. Amélie Pauli in Bern is one of them. We talked to her about her daily life at mimacom, why we need more women in technical jobs, and how Game of Thrones is the reason that she ended up at mimacom.

Tim: Can you quickly tell us how long you`ve been at mimacom and what your role is?

Amélie: I have been at mimacom for two years as a Scrum Master and Project Leader in Switzerland. In addition to that, I am the Global Head of Customer Care and manage a Dedicated Team. So I have a local and an international role. The agile application team for customer care is sitting in Bern, Barcelona and Valencia. It also includes the service desk, which is located in Bern. I really see myself as a conductor. I have to manage and orchestrate that everybody has the right level of workload and nothing stops them from doing their jobs.

Tim: What exactly does Customer Care and the Service Desk do?

Amélie: Customer Care is in charge of the entire customer system maintenance process, it is about managing and executing process P37 of our TQMI. The service desk on the other hand has a very strong supporting role. It is the first contact point for many customers when they first reach out to mimacom since all phone calls and emails end up here. The service desk also supports administration and test management.

Tim: Tell us what you did before you joined mimacom.

Amélie: I did an apprenticeship and worked at the canton Bern for 5 years, so I know the public sector really well. Before that I was at other IT companies and startups, working in project management and sales. For education, I studied business administration with focus on marketing.

Tim: The share of women at mimacom is actually high compared to other companies in the tech world. Why do we need even more women at mimacom?

Amélie: Because there is clear evidence, that women are making better decisions! (Comment Tim: The source of this evidence will be provided in a later issue :) A healthy mix of all kinds of people is important for our success as an international and diverse company like mimacom. We also should not be too many women all in one office, because that can create other issues that might take too much attention.

Tim: We have some final quick questions so the mimacom team can get to know you better. Ready?

Tim: Pizza or Pasta?

Amélie: Pizza! Miss Italia without arugula. But most important is that it is fresh and no frozen pizza.

Tim: Car or Train?

Amélie: Train! I have an annual subscription and do not own a car since I live in the city.

Tim: Window Seat or Isle Seat?

Amélie: Window Seat!

Tim: Coffee or Tea?

Amélie: I drink black tea with milk.

Tim: Beach or Mountains?

Amélie: That is beach for me, very clear! I need it warm and sunny.

Tim: Windows PC or Mac?

Amélie: Right now I have a Mac, but I try to alternate every two years between Windows and Mac to stay fit on both systems.

Tim: Game of Thrones or Glee?

Amélie: I am a big Game of Thrones fan! Actually Game of Thrones is the reason that I work for mimacom today. For many years, I took the same train every day and was always sitting in the same spot. If you do that, you get to know the people who are actually sitting around you every day in their spots. Sandro Lehmann, a former employee of mimacom in Bern was one of them. One day he noticed that I was reading the Game of Thrones books and started talking to me about it. This was kind of the beginning of an acquaintanceship and after a few months, he told me about job openings at mimacom and asked if I want to apply. That is how Game of Thrones is the reason that I`m working for mimacom today.

Tim: Wacken or Tomorrowland?

Amélie: Open Air Gampel (that`s a festival where bands and artists from all genres and styles perform)

Tim: Lego or Playmobil?

Amélie: I like both! With Playmobil I always liked the steeds (Comment Tim: Originally she said “Rösschen”) and with Lego I always loved the castles.

Tim: Shopping or Movies?

Amélie: When Star Wars is on, it is definitely Movies! Otherwise it is a very tough decision...

Tim: WhatsApp or calling?

Amélie: WhatsApp, and please don`t forget to include a ton of Emojis.

Tim: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck with your roles!