Interview with David Anton, Software Engineer in Barcelona

This time we met our colleque David Antón from the office in Barcelona and you might all know him from the mimacom-instagram-contest. He was the winner with the most likes. Let ́s see who is the person behind the photo!

Antje: Hi David, nice to meet you! Could you please introduce yourself to the readers.

David: Hi Antje. Originally i am from Zaragoza and I have been working at mimacom for 2 years now. I am a Software Engineer and a specialist in Alfresco.

Antje: What are your current projects?

David: I do a lot of local projects here in Spain with spanish collegues. The projects are for the pharmacy industry and also for customers like „La Caixa“ or „Desigual“, most of them are Elasticsearch and Microservices.

Antje: How is the work life in the mimacom office in Barcelona?

David: It is quite fun! It is a small office with about 8 people, we laugh at lot and have a good atmosphere all day long. Apart from that, we work a bit :D

Antje: In the winning photo, it looks like you had a lot of fun?!

David: Yes, it was a really funny moment. Sometimes we play „Exploding Kittens“ card game together, and then we did this snapshots. I am wearing a hat on the photo, and this hat is for one rule about the game.

Instragram David Anton

Antje: You participated at the BeeCon ́s Hackaton this year with some other mimacom ́s. And you won! What is this exactly?

David: I participated at this Hackathon with Simon Girardin (Switzerland) and Werner Naehle (Dedicated Team Barcelona). The project was about an Alfresco add-on to extract information from PDF files of selected coordinates, and then save this information on metadata properties. It was a good project, good team work and we got a really nice feedback from the assistants of the event.

Antje: You told me, that you participated at another Hackaton and that you build up a Photo Analyzer Tool. Is that right?

David: Yes, one month ago I participated at a global Hackathon, a virtual Hackaton with popele from all around the world. We organized a hacker room in the office in Barcelona to share knowledge with other professionals. We realized a good project and we received really good feedback in our show case presentation. I recorded the presentation, you can see the details here on youtube

Antje: We have some final quick questions so the mimacom team can get to know you better. Ready?

Antje: Barceloneta or mountains?

David: Mountains. I like hiking and mountainbiking.

Antje: Vermouth or San Miguel?

David: Vermouth.

Antje: Siesta or Fiesta?

David: Fiesta!

Antje: Hipster, mainstream or geek?

David: Hipster [note from Antje: after a little break].

Antje: Java or Javasript?

David: Java.

Antje: 0 or 1?

David: 1.

Antje: FC Barcelona or Espanyol?

David: FC Barcelona, but originally I prefer Real Zaragoza!

Antje: Playstation or X-Box?

David: Playstation.

Antje: Black Shirt or colored shirt?

David: I usually wear colorful shirts (red, yellow, with cartoons, etc.). [note from Antje: the shirt was black during the interview;-)]

Antje: Thanks, David, for having this interview and keep on sharing the funny moments with us!