Meet Elisabeth "Eli" Guggisberg

For many candidates, Eli was the first contact and the «face» of mimacom. She has been building up the Recruitment Team since July 2015 and therefore she has considerably contributed to the growth and success of our company overall by making sure we can deliver on the increasing demand for our services by customers. In August she will move back to her home country Switzerland, but will (of course) stay at mimacom. We met Eli and talked about holding a job interview, the differences between Spain and Switzerland and her new position at mimacom.

Antje: Why did you choose mimacom as an employer?

Eli: I already lived in Valencia when I joined mimacom in 2015 and at that time I wanted to work for an international company in which I can use my previous experience in Recruitment and HR. I also wanted and got the chance to carry responsibility. To build up a team in an unconventional way, working together with other mimacom locations and also with my home country was a great opportunity to me.

Antje: As a Recruiter, you had a lot of interviews. Could you tell me some answers you remember? Or is there an answer, that is perfect?

Eli: I dont think there are perfect answers, but it is always great if you see during the Interview that the candidate knows exactly why he or she applied at mimacom and that they are really interested in the open job. Transmitted Passion for new technologies and Software Development is also great. If additionally they do have the fitting professional experience, a recruiter’s heart starts to beat faster. A No Go is «I did not have time to do a Research about your company, can you tell me about it?» or «about which Job do we speak today actually?» or even worse: The candidate does not even show up.

Antje: What was the most bizarre and weird moment in a job interview you remember?

Eli: Well, it ́s actually always funny if unsuspecting flat mates, screaming children, hungry cats or dogs show up in first Interviews accidentally.

Antje: This year you will change your worklife with a new position at mimacom but also you will move back to Switzerland. Could you tell us a little bit about?

Eli: I will start as assistant to the Management in both locations Bern and Zurich. But that's just one part, the other part is to support the further development of the Human Ressource Processes at mimacom. It will for example be about working on the onboarding process, organizing employee events or supporting the improvement of talent management. I am really looking forward to Switzerland and this new focus.

Antje: Could you tell me if there are differences between Spain and Switzerland?

Eli: Oh yes, there are a lot of differences. The mentality for example. The Spanish people are in many cases open, communicative and professionals in making smalltalk and celebrating «Fiestas». Switzerland is somehow more structured and I have the impression that people are more punctual (at least some) ;-). In Spain I enjoy to spend a lot of time outside, in Switzerland there are those cold evenings when you can enjoy a Fondue with some friends.

Antje: What will you miss from Spain in Switzerland and what did you miss from Switzerland in Spain?

Eli: In Switzerland I will miss (of course) the team and the sun. I love to eat seafood like octupus and mussels. When i ́m in Valencia i always missed my family, friends from Switzerland and also the forrest (real big, green trees) ;-) – ah and «Blevita» from Migros.

Antje: We have some final quick questions so the mimacom team can get to know you better. Ready?

Antje: Raclette or Patatas Bravas?

Eli: Raclette (but actually I like both)

Antje: Riviella or Sangria?

Eli: Sangria

Antje: Mountains or sea?

Eli: Sea

Antje: -20 degree or+35 degree?

Eli: +35 degree, very clear!

Antje: Cats or dogs?

Eli: Cats, but I also like dogs. It ́s impossible for me to to have a cat or a dog at the moment, that ́s why I have two Guinea pigs. Unfortunately they will stay in Spain.

Antje: Which famous person do you want to meet and why?

Eli: Barack Obama, because I like poltitics and it would be great to meet him and have a chat about the experiences he has made the last 10 years.

Antje: Thank you Eli for your time and enjoy your last months in Spain, good luck for the restart in Switzerland and the new role.