mimacom with new brand image and website

September 27, 2017

"DIGITAL. INNOVATION. ENGINEERS." – mimacom stays abreast of increased demand with its new brand image

The number of projects covering all aspects of digitisation of companies is increasing rapidly all over the world. Similarly, there has been steadily increasing demand for services from mimacom as a strong, innovative digitisation partner. The internationally leading provider has therefore realigned its broad range of services – from consulting to digital strategy through to solution design right up until agile implementation with state-of-the-art open source technology – and will increasingly be focusing on the development of end-to-end software solutions. This is being accompanied by a new website and a completely reworked brand image, under which mimacom will present itself in the future.

"We believe that digital innovation has the potential to bring sustainable improvement to almost all aspects of people’s lives. Our customers come from a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical technology, the banking and insurance sector, telecommunications and mechanical engineering, as well as from the public sector and administrative authorities. Whenever a company wants to reach its existing or new customers in a digital way, mimacom is the first choice. Our work does not end with a consultation or a concept. First and foremost, we are the most effective partner for implementation, creating solutions, bringing the buzzwords "digital transformation" to life and transforming them into reality", explains Tim Weinmann, CMO of the mimacom group.

The realignment enables mimacom to meet the new demand for data engineering, cloud systems, cloud-native apps, digital platforms and mobile apps. This is obvious from the new brand image, with its tagline "Digital. Innovation. Engineers" and its clear focus on services for transforming customer experience and transforming technologies.

New Website at www.mimacom.com also works as a technical reference

"Customer experience in the digital age is an important aspect of our service range and has become an integral part of our services in many customer projects," explains Agim Emruli, CEO and CTO of the mimacom group. To underline this, the new mimacom website also works as a technical reference. The website is maintained by a modern headless CMS and then automatically distributed across the globe. This allows customers worldwide to access a mimacom online presence with an optimum performance. "With our in-house website, we want to show how we build innovative front-end software. We plan to publish the technical architecture behind the website as an open source project," says Agim Emruli.

For more information, visit www.mimacom.com

About mimacom

mimacom is a leading provider of customer-specific open source software solutions, specialising in digital enterprise innovation for banks, insurance companies, telecommunication providers and industrial companies. More than 220 mimacom consultants, software architects, developers and specialists work at its 14 locations in Europe, North America and Asia.