Meetup #1: Getting started with Siemens Mindsphere


February 4, 2020

Meetup #1: Getting started with Siemens Mindsphere

Just as individuals, companies need to develop their skills and get experience working with different technologies. In our case, IoT is an area we want to explore, so we chose MindSphere and became Gold Partner to get access to the network of companies such partnership provides.

We now need to get hands-on experience; therefore, aiming to solve that, we contacted companies on the network asking for use cases, but the answer was always the same: what can you offer us? After a couple of iterations, we realized we need to do something that is in on our DNA: We ran the extra mile, this time to close the gap with our potential partners.

On this talk, we told you the first story of our very own use case. How did we come up with it? how did we code it up? what have we learnt? With the first Meetup in Stuttgart at the end of 2019 we also wanted to initiate a conversation around MindSphere and learn from experiences.

Another talk during our first Meetup was about software platform providers in the emerging domain of Industrial IoT, which are challenged to cope with great complexity during the development of iIoT ecosystems. As well the ecosystem development of MindSphere was shown to understand its evolution, based on the sequence of entered partnerships, and their interplay with the established platform resources.

The details of the meetup in our recording:

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Recap Agenda:

Doors open at 18:15

18:30 - Welcome to the Stuttgart MindSphere Meetup
18:40 - Presentation: Getting Started with MindSphere - How to Close the Gap Between Software and Industry, Andreas Hirsch, Enrique Llerena Domínguez & Joachim Spalink, mimacom
19:15 - Presentation: Development of a Platform-based IIoT Ecosystem – the MindSphere Case Study, Dimitri Petrik, University of Stuttgart
19:50 - Q&A, Open End Socializing & Networking