February 23, 2021

Innovative online services for Migros Bank's customers thanks to nearshoring partnership with mimacom

Migros Bank’s digital offering includes advanced products with groundbreaking online services. These range from opening accounts to making appointments via the website to e-banking to online mortgages. For the expansion and further development of its digital services, Migros Bank has been relying on a partnership with mimacom for several years now.

  • With the online appointment management, mimacom realized a digital touchpoint for visitors to the Migros Bank website.

  • With the online mortgage, Migros Bank offers the possibility to obtain and apply for mortgage offers directly via the Internet.

  • The customer onboarding with video identifiaction offers Migros Bank customers the possibility to order various financial products easily and conveniently online, and to conclude contracts directly.

  • Migros Bank’s ″Advisor Workplace″ is a modular system that comprehensively supports customer advisors in their daily work.

Dynamic development capacities thanks to nearshoring model Since 2018, mimacom has been supporting Migros Bank as a partner with a highly flexible and transparent nearshoring model. Core and control functions, such as user experience, business analysis and requirements engineering are performed locally in Switzerland and at the customer’s site together with Migros Bank specialists. This results in short communication and decision-making paths, which creates the basis for a trusting and cooperative partnership. Highly qualified developers from the Spanish near-shoring team, together with the local employees, form high-performance, interdisciplinary teams that can deliver independently. This composition enables services and solutions to be provided at a high and constant quality level. Another advantage of the nearshoring model is that development capacities can be quickly and easily adapted to changing circumstances. In this way, mimacom can access the expert knowledge of more than 350 specialists in Switzerland and at its nearshoring locations and allocate them quickly in a way that adds value. In 2020, more than 20 mimacom developers were working in Switzerland and increasingly abroad to meet Migros Bank’s digitalization needs.

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