May 6, 2019

mimacom named Advanced Elastic Partner by Elastic for EMEA

mimacom has been officially named advanced Partner for EMEA by Elastic. It´s the highest Partner-level.

mimacom was one of the first companies that brought the innovative Elastic data technology to customers in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

The mimacom partnership with Elastic started back in 2012 with Elasticsearch, an open source search engine that can search a company's entire IT system and data.

It is based on Apache Lucene but easier to use, providing quick and easy access to documents and data in corporate networks. As a flexible platform-independent solution, Elasticsearch can operate in any environment - both in-house and in the cloud as a service.

Since those days, Elastic has developed into one of the world´s most powerful data-platforms that help companies gather, manage, search and generate more value out of their data. mimacom has successfully leveraged Elastic´s technology to build custom software solutions for customers, ranging from analytics solutions to complex and regulated data-platforms with Artificial Intelligence.

To learn more about mimacom and Elastic, visit the mimacom website.

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