January 21, 2021

mimacom and CWS further develop IoT solution for smart hygiene management

Hygiene specialist CWS and mimacom have further developed smartMate as an IoT solution for digital hygiene management. smartMate registers visitor traffic and fill levels in washroom dispensers and provides insight into the current resource status. The solution thus makes it possible to refill soap dispensers and towels in a timely manner. In this way, the hygiene level in washrooms can be increased and facility management optimized.

An app for more hygiene in public washrooms

Together with mimacom, full-service provider CWS has further developed his digital dispenser management system for washrooms. smartMate includes an app and a web portal. The aim: to manage resources in a targeted manner, thereby optimizing building management, raising hygiene levels and increasing efficiency. In sanitary areas of offices, industrial facilities, airports or train stations, it is now possible to respond optimally to the required number of disposable towels, soap or disinfectant.

"At the latest, the current Corona pandemic teaches us that regular hand washing is essential to limit the spread of viruses and germs. With CWS smartMate, we are launching another digital, innovative product with which we are contributing our share to a healthier and safer future," says Karolin Rohmer, Director Group Product Lines Hygiene & Floorcare at CWS.

smartMate therefore represents on the one hand a decisive further development in dealing with current challenges, but at the same time also a future-oriented solution for public hygiene facilities.

IoT system registers visitor traffic and fill levels

Varying numbers of visitors and different user behavior make the analog calculation of hygiene articles in washrooms difficult. With smartMate, CWS therefore relies on a digital solution that addresses the dynamic frequency with intelligent software: Via radio, an IoT system automatically captures current visitor traffic as well as filling levels of hygiene dispensers. A gateway collects this data and sends it to the cloud, where it is processed and can be accessed by operators via app and web portal. This data not only gives facility managers and washroom operators insight into current fill levels, but also provides key metrics such as peak times or dispenser usage at the same time. For example, alarms are triggered when fill levels are low and reports are generated on the volume of towels and hygiene products used within specific time periods.

mimacom as innovation enabler and user

As an expert in user-centered design and software development, mimacom worked with CWS to develop a digital hygiene solution based on the latest technologies and intelligent data systems. Thus, it is a cloud-native application that provides a reliable end-to-end solution. In addition, mimacom has created an excellent user experience with the integrable overall solution: A clear customer view with user-friendly operation form the core of the development, which mimacom successfully implemented last year.

"mimacom's extensive technological knowledge as well as expertise in UX design made this innovative IoT solution possible. It marks a crucial cornerstone for the use of smartMate in practice," said Annetta Lust, Head of Digital Business Solutions Hygiene at CWS International.

mimacom, as a convinced user, can confirm the high usability itself: Already a few months ago, smartMate was installed in mimacom's own washrooms. The ease of use and the transmission of real-time data proved that smartMate is a state-of-the-art hygiene solution, both technologically and from the customer's point of view. This means that the highest hygiene standards can be guaranteed on site after returning from remote work.