February 19, 2021

mimacom develops log service with SIEM and data lake for Bühler Group

mimacom develops a log management and monitoring solution that combines SIEM and Data Lake and serves as a group-wide backbone for IT security and efficiency.

The log service provides a 360° visibility on logs and events across the entire group with subsidiaries in 140 countries. It collects information from a wide range of sources within the heterogeneous IT environment of Bühler Group, processes it, and makes it available in near-real time in a Dashboard to various user groups.

In addition to SIEM monitoring and alerting, the highly available and scalable solution covers a wide range of other requirements and increases productivity throughout the entire company. Apache Kafka® serves as the data collector and Elasticsearch is used to process the data. The data collected by the log service is made available to employees according to the need-to-know principle and automatically destroyed - of course, always in compliance with GDPR guidelines and Bühler's internal security requirements.

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