August 2, 2019

mimacom Events 2019 Q3 / Q4

"Z’Nüni for Software Architects", September 18, Zurich, Switzerland Join our first "Z'Nüni for Architects" in Zurich on September 18 and learn about Apache Kafke and Confluent from Michael Noll, Technologist at Confluent and Michael Wirth, Software Engineer at mimacom. The talks “The Rise of Event Streaming – Why Apache Kafka is Changing Everything” as well as “Event-Driven Design in a distributed system - Kafka as a rescue” given by them will be illustrated with hands-on examples and accompanied with snacks and coffee. Contact Markus Troxler to register for the event. (

Liferay Symposium, October 23 - 24, Madrid, Spain Through gold level sponsorship, mimacom will once again support the Liferay Symposium in Madrid. During the very special 10th year anniversary edition, the main focus will be Liferay DXP 7.2, Liferay DXP Cloud and Liferay Commerce 2.0. During two days with technical and business sessions, success stories, round tables and debates, all the key elements that are essential to the success of business in our fast paced technology driven world will be presented. More information about the event and registration.

Liferay Devcon, November 18 - 20, Mainz, Germany At this year's two-day Liferay Developer Conference on November 18 - 20, which starts with the legendary "Warm up" of the Unconference on November 18, it will all be around #staynerdy and #letsCode. With more than 40 sessions, workshops and a hackcenter the Devcon is a great opportunity to build your Liferay expertise and apply fresh knowledge and perspectives to your current and future projects. As a long-time partner of Liferay, we invite you to learn at Devcon how innovative projects can be and. We are looking forward to hosting conversations around the value of Liferay technology and modularity trends. #We want you there!

Confluent Streaming Series, November, Madrid – Frankfurt – Zurich Attending a Confluent Streaming Event will give you a better understanding of how and why today's industry leaders are using Event Streaming and Confluent at the heart of their companies to solve today's business problems at scale. mimacom will participate as sponsor in Madrid (November 05), Frankfurt (November 11) and Zurich (November 13). After the events, we will come together for networking as well as to discuss ideas and experiences.