December 8, 2021

mimacom-Flowable Group neutralizes 10 tons of CO2

Every year, mimacom supports a selected organization from the social or environmental sector to recognize the commitment of employees or relatives in such projects and to make a contribution itself.

This year, the mimacom-Flowable Group, in collaboration with Climeworks, is neutralizing 10.42 tons of CO2 worth over CHF 10,000.

Climeworks Logo

Climeworks is a Swiss company that filters carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the ambient air. This is done with the help of Carbon Dioxide Air Capture technology, the core of which is a special filter material that undergoes a so-called adsorption-desorption process to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

For the neutralization of CO2 emissions, the mimacom-Flowable Group received a certificate from Climeworks. The certificate is available online at Climeworks.