March 30, 2020

mimacom with updated solution offering and services

We have updated our portfolio and are very excited to present it today for the first time on our website. The changes gives more visibility to the solutions and services that we have been working on in customer projects over the last few months.

Solutions with industry focus

In addition to innovative technologies and an agile mindset, we are distinguished by our industry expertise. As an internationally positioned consulting- and service company, we are particularly strong in the banking, insurance, life sciences and manufacturing sectors. Solutions for the public sector, retail and telecommunications providers complement our portfolio.

Trend topic digital life sciences

We have set new focal points for life sciences: e-health, IoMT and business process automation are real trend topics in which we can quickly add value not only for patients and medical staff, but also for manufacturers and research thanks to our digital services

Digital Accelerator Program

In order to effectively exploit the benefits of digitalization, a strategy based on experience and expertise is needed. Human-machine interactions in particular require creativity and a structured approach in addition to technical understanding. With the Digital Accelerator Program we define and develop innovative solutions for your business success together with you. Your customer is always the focus of our attention.

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