December 15, 2020

Stream On: mimacom webinars "La evoluci贸n a la Hipoteca Digital"

馃憢馃徑Stream on馃憢馃徑 We start the mimacom (streaming) year 2021 with two webinars on the topic "digital mortgage".

On January 21, the topic "La evoluci贸n a la Hipoteca Digital" will be highlighted by Silvia San Francisco, Business Development Manager at mimacom under the business focus. Central questions are developments and trends in the granting of loans for mortgages, taking into account current market trends.

On February 3, Nelo Puchades, Solution Architect at mimacom, will explain from a technical point of view which requirements have to be met in order to implement the digital mortgage. We will see how language assistants, ksqlDB and artificial intelligence can be used to automate processes and to adapt flexibly to the continuously changing market conditions.

Both webinars will be held in Spanish.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.