April 9, 2018

Successful 2017: mimacom has strong revenue growth

mimacom group, the Swiss digitalization experts, is on a growth path and is looking back on its most successful year in its 19-year company history. The corporate group based in Bern closed the financial year with a considerable plus in revenue. mimacom still grossed CHF 18.2 million in 2016, with revenue in 2017 increasing to CHF 24.7 million. This is pure organic growth of 36%. Therefore, mimacom grew at a significantly stronger rate than the market.

‘We are going into 2018 with a lot of momentum,’ Agim Emruli, CEO of the mimacom group, stated when presenting the business figures. Under his leadership, the Swiss digitalization experts have been undergoing a renewal over the past few years, and have repositioned themselves in the market. Instead of open source integration, the group’s focus was changed to integrated end-to-end development of innovative digital solutions based on open source software technology. In addition, mimacom further strengthened its relationships with strategic technology partners - including Flowable, Pivotal, Elastic, Confluent, Liferay and Avaloq - and concentrated more on the target industries of finance and insurance, manufacturing and automotive, as well as life sciences, in core countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the USA and Singapore.

‘In addition to our long-standing loyal customers from areas like government, we were able to gain new customers from the banking and finance sectors following this new positioning,’ Emruli sees encouragement for the new corporate strategy. Along with revenue and customer numbers, the financial year 2017 also saw an increase in headcount. With 207 employees, approximately 26% more members of staff were employed by the mimacom group as at 31.12.2017 than the previous year.

The Swiss corporate group also observes a changing market environment. Tim Weinmann, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for the mimacom group, adds: ‘We notice that our customers are leaving behind the phases of market analysis, planning and strategic preparation in order to inspire and actually realize digital transformation in their companies.’ As innovative digitalization experts who are strong in implementation, mimacom is noticing sharply increasing demand, predominantly in the areas of cloud technologies, digital platforms, solutions for intelligent and profitable data use and the Internet of Things.