September 24, 2018

Swiss Handelsblatt (SHAB)

After more than two years of conception and development, the project "Official Gazette Platform - New development of the publication platform for the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce" went live in September 2018.

To start with, the national Official Gazette of Commerce and the Official Gazette of the Canton of Zurich have been switched to the new official Gazette platform.

The modern electronic platform offers the 70,000 daily visitors official notifications in over 200 different sections, convenient individual search- and subscription functions and a simplified connection to surrounding systems via an API.

The newly created official gazette portal is the central publication centre for registration offices that publish official and economically relevant reports via forms or interfaces in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce and in cantonal official gazettes. The new platform thus sees itself as a neutral data hub via which data can be submitted and obtained via a simple interface.

Search filters can be easily saved and subscribed to, an individually compiled official gazette can be generated as a PDF file and reports can be added to a personal watch list. For certain sections, there is also a search function for other cantons.

The project was launched in August 2016 with a 15-member team (including Scrum Master, Architects, Requirements Engineers, Developers and Testers) and led by Daniel Mauch, IT project manager at mimacom until the "go live" in September 2018. For the development and implementation of the portal according to the HERMES project method, technologies such as Spring, Flowable work and Elasticsearch were used.

Daniel Mauch

"The eSHAB project would not have been possible without the support of the entire team, so this is a big thank you to all those who contributed to the success of the project from 8 of 14 mimacom subsidiaries worldwide."

Daniel Mauch
Project Manager

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