Metadata Management as an enabler for data democratization in modern data platforms

Data Governance & Metadata Management - the right data strategy for your business

Data is the new gold in companies. Its true potential is revealed when a company actively engages with its data. Intelligent services and state-of-the-art methods make it possible to link data from different company areas with each other and significantly increase data quality. Insights gained from the analyses and identified synergies enable companies to increase customer satisfaction, improve their efficiency and identify new market opportunities by supplementing their portfolio or opening up new sales channels.

At the same time, targeted metadata management enables consistent compliance with data protection requirements and regulations such as HIPAA, DSGVO and the Swiss DPA. This reduces business risks from liability claims and costly fines.


Step forward with the mimacom metadata management experts



An adequate data strategy lays the foundation for successfull data governance and metadata management.

With mimacom, you can identify the metadata management architecture that suits you the best.



Develop a concept to anchor metadata management in your organization's vision and incrementally grow the data platform.

Count on valuable tips for defining standards, adhering to best practices, and creating blueprints.



mimacom's specialists are the right partner for implementing a self-service data platform or self-service provisioning at your company.

They also offer hands on support when it comes to selecting the right metadata management technologies.

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