From idea to solution - mimacom path™

From idea to solution - mimacom path™

mimacom path™ takes you from idea to solution

No two projects have the same requirements. That’s why we have developed mimacom path™, a solution package that guarantees you the flexibility you need throughout the entire Application Lifecycle Management – from business analysis, through transparent, agile project processing to comprehensive service.

We remain focused on your objectives while meeting your individual requirements, ensuring that you benefit from the maximum efficiency and flexibility of the mimacom path™. Open source technologies make mimacom path™ the ideal package of services: sustainable and suitable for your particular needs.

Structured flexibility with mimacom path™ methods

mimacom path™ uses agile methods, such as Scrum, complemented by recognized quality assurance systems, such as Total Quality Management (TQM). This combination gives us a flexible approach when undertaking major projects and lets us safeguard your quality standards. With agile methods, each iteration of product development benefits from an incremental improvement in quality.

Your requirements are complex. We’ll adapt standard products to meet them

mimacom path™ toolchain creates the best technological environment for efficient development. With our extensive know-how and many years of experience, we can choose the best available products from each category of software to meet your requirements. The modular design is key: it is what allows the various components to be integrated with the customer's existing systems.

The mimacom path™ toolchain is a "best-of-breed" selection of tools covering many different areas of software development. These tools work together to facilitate a seamless development process that is traceable at every stage. The tools in the mimacom application stack provide optimum support of agile methods and technologies: that’s crucial. And continuous integration assures quality.

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You want to be Number One. With open source, your technology is the very best.

Open source technologies offer considerable benefits and are a match for commercial software in every way. In fact, when it comes to an agile approach, open source technology scores highly. Ongoing development, easy integration and the option to customize the product characterize our open source solutions.

mimacom path™ technology provides a flexible framework for the various modular components. This means that when implementing customized software, the concept phase is shortened, the development effort is reduced and risks are minimized. The individual components can be used independently or in any combination required.

Since we committed to open source technologies at an early stage, we offer a wide range of know-how and many years of experience. Our particular strength lies in the application and integration of these technologies in concrete projects and system landscapes.

Service Management in Accordance with ITIL

Once a project has been completed, another important part of the application lifecycle comes to the fore: operation and maintenance. mimacom path™ services give you the support you need. From knowledge transfer to total application management, we offer you customized solutions that are tailored to your project.

mimacom path™ services include various package offers for improving your development teams’ efficiency and effectiveness. Over the course of a project, our project managers impart knowledge on methodology, technology and application lifecycle management.

By transferring knowledge, we increasingly pass on our entire sphere of competence with its well-known high quality standard. Know-how should be imparted during the implementation and not be left until the project is completed.

Furthermore, mimacom offers training courses on topics such as Scrum and the technologies used for mimacom path™.


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