Our nearshoring centers work exclusively for mimacom customers


Nearshoring in Europe

Nearshoring, i.e. the outsourcing of IT services abroad, enables cheaper services and overcomes the lack of skilled workers in the home country. In contrast to outsourcing to distant countries such as India, nearshoring stands for outsourcing to countries closer to home. The advantages of nearshoring are the cultural proximity, the highly qualified workforce with a very good education and the comparable legal framework.

Nearshoring at international mimacom subsidiaries

mimacom currently operates nearshoring in Spain. The nearshore centers are 100% owned by the mimacom-Flowable Group, and all employees work exclusively for mimacom. The nearshore centers are built on infrastructure from the mimacom Group in Switzerland. All notebooks and user accounts are set up and controlled centrally in Bern. All employees adhere to mimacom’s processes, methods and tools, which have been certified according to CMMI. mimacom Group’s TQMi system is used internationally and is certified.

Our combined models allow you to take advantage of nearshoring quickly and with little experience. Thanks to a local contact and state-of-the-art tools, we can offer you a truly seamless nearshore experience. Scale your own development quickly and easily. mimacom allows you access to experienced developers where you can outsource your legacy application or you get support for your new product with our developers as part of your team.

Your benefit

  • A combination of local support and experienced, exclusively certified nearshore developers allows you to implement projects efficiently and cost-effectively
  • The nearshore software team is coordinated by a local project manager or directly at your site
  • Increased flexibility in software development
  • All our specialists have a high school diploma and are familiar with state-of-the-art programming languages and technologiesut
  • Helps you optimize your cost structure

Our Nearshoring Service Models

We provide our customers with various service models, from In-House Delivery Model, Hybrid Model to Enabling Model. Each model offers standardized methods, technologies and tools to implement customized solutions for the entire lifecycle (development and integration, software testing and maintenance).

In-House Delivery Model

  • mimacom is responsible for product development. The development takes place at the mimacom locations.
  • Part of the team consists of nearshoring
  • Pricing: fixed price or according to expenditure

In-house Delivery Model

Hybrid Model

  • With this model, part of the team is on site at the customer (lead architect, requirements engineer) and part at mimacom, comparable to the in-house model (with nearshoring)
  • Pricing: according to expenditure

Hybrid Model

Enabling Model

  • mimacom employees work exclusively on site
  • Pricing: according to expenditure

Enabling Model

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