Create real value out of your data with the Data Starter Package

Real-time data management with Confluent and Apache Kafka®

From Big Data to real-time data - today data is available in large quantities, is changeable, and in motion. As a consequence, conventional data management systems can no longer cope with the strong dynamics and increasing value of data. Thus, an innovative approach to data management is needed to make data the key driver for your future business success.

Innovative data management thanks to leading technologies

Data monitoring, analysis, and processing promise personalized customer experiences, and increased work efficiency. Would you like to benefit from these advantages by starting to use your data in a target-orientied manner? Do you want more flexibility in handling data and plan to implement it using leading technologies? Confluent and Apache Kafka® enable you to realize the full potential of your data.

The more apps, data platforms, and cloud services are introduced into an enterprise, the faster data silos are created. Such disconnected systems inhibit optimal use and a holistic perspective on the business. Improve your customer experience now and benefit from increased competitiveness: real-time data via data streaming allows you to integrate information from different systems into one single enterprise-wide platform.

Use Cases and Benefits
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360° Customer: Customized Customer Experience.

Increase visibility across your current and future customers and create impactful customer experiences: With 360° Customer profiles, map user behavior between different digital touchpoints and play out personalized, customer-centric content in real time.

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Smart apps thanks to AI

Innovative apps and services leverage data from a wide variety of sources: Fitness watches, healthcare IoT devices, smart cars - companies that correlate point-in-time data gain comprehensive insights to deliver innovative user experiences.

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Modernizing Legacy IT

Streaming data simplifies microservices development for organizations with legacy IT. Offload costly systems, reduce operational costs, and transform business processes from batch queries to real-time processing. Microservices development is greatly simplified by leveraging economies of scale.

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Real-Time Analytics

Gain new insights from your data and use them in real time: for customer-facing applications as well as for backend systems and services. For example, event streaming not only enables more customer-friendly applications, but also real-time fraud detection to ensure the security of corporate and customer data.


Data Starter Package

mimacom adapts the Data Starter Package to your individual requirements:

Day 1: Kick-off workshop to evaluate your initial situation, individual goals, expectations as well as desired results.

Days 2-3/ 2-6: Introduction to the Confluent Platform. You gain practical experience with a concrete application and receive a blueprint for Confluent as the central nervous system of your company. With various add-ons you complete the package according to your needs.


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Confluent Starter Package

Data Starter Package Scope


Get to know Confluent Platform & Apache Kafka


Get to know Confluent and get an overview.

Get To Know Confluent

Understand streaming and the architecture of the Confluent platform. Get an overview of common use cases and concrete deployment opportunities in your organization.



Set up your Confluent platform together with the mimacom experts.



After the general configuration, we set up two selected enterprise systems. We then develop a simple Kafka application to demonstrate the capabilities of the streaming platform.



Know and use the many functions of Confluent.


Learn all about using Confluent, such as Kafka connectors for integrating external systems, KSQLDB for processing event streams, or about the Control Panel for monitoring the Kafka cluster.

Confluent-certified consulting and services

In order to address the needs of your company individually, mimacom's Kafka experts offer you consulting and additional services tailored to your topics.