Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning is already present in our everyday lives: from smart home entertainment solutions such as Amazon Alexa to partially self-driving cars, personalized product recommendations in online commerce, or fraud detection in the financial sector.

Machine Learning is the technical application of Artificial Intelligence in which a computer system learns by means of examples and then translates what it has learned into autonomously executed activities. By means of Machine Learning as a self-adaptive algorithm, huge amounts of data can be automatically filtered, analysed as well as integrated and, used for commercial purposes. Even if the practical implementation of Machine Learning is away from reaching its full potential, Machine Learning is already used for:

  • Early detection of anomalies for fraud and error prevention in the banking and finance industry
  • Better customer targeting based on behaviour and interest for ecommerce, retail companies and all kinds of product and service providers
  • Predictive maintenance in manufacturing and everywhere else machines are used that require service or need replacement parts
  • Automated diagnostic procedures in modern medicine

Benefits of Machine Learning

  • Easy identification of patterns on large amounts of structured and unstructured data or data streams, including anomaly detection
  • Fast development of data-intensive analytics projects
  • Fast processing and classification of new data based on examples

How Machine Learning with mimacom works for you

  1. Analysis and visualization of large amounts of structured and unstructured data or data streams. This includes understanding what types of data are available and the relationships amongst them.
  2. Evaluation of different types of learning algorithms, or even a combination to figure out the optimum outcome. To achieve this, the algorithm is fed with data and generates a model.
  3. Activation of the generated model to provide predictions, use the in-formation and to make decisions.

ML and AI will continue to evolve dramatically in the coming years and become decisive success factors for an increasing number of industries. In the future, ML and AI will also become just as essential in healthcare, energy supply, logistics, online commerce and marketing as they will be for the automotive industry on its way to developing self-driving vehicles or for the cybersecurity industry to ward off the increasingly widespread and complex threats to IT security. Have you thought about implementing machine learning on your data? Contact our experts for a first exchange and see how your business can leverage machine learning to have a bigger impact.

Whitepaper about Machine Learning

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