Cloud Native Apps

Leverage all Advantages of Cloud Systems, Microservice Architectures and DevOps

Cloud Native Apps are smart apps that help you deliver software innovation faster, reduce your risks and successfully grow your business quicker. They are purposely built by dedicated teams to run in a cloud system environment and take advantage of all the benefits it offers. mimacom is a Cloudfoundry Foundation founding member and Pivotal partner.

We offer a wide range of services and solutions around cloud native app development that can bring many benefits to your organization

  • Greater agility, resilience and portability across cloud systems
  • Scalability and Flexibility, easy expansion or transfer to other systems without modification
  • Improve Time to Market. Faster deployment and testing, going from global applications with limited releases due to external approval to modular applications with partial approval
  • Reduce costs, going from global programs with focus on release plans to development with focus on business value. Billing can also be integrated into platforms for faster payments of transactions.
  • Investment protection with Cloudfoundry, which is seen as the standard Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Reusability. Go from limited hosting options for software platforms to flexible cloud hosting (public, private or hybrid)

mimacom services for cloud native app development

  • Cloud Native App Development
  • DevOps, agile and continuous delivery coaching
  • Platform as a Service and microservice architectures with Pivotal Cloudfoundry
  • Cloud Strategy Consulting
  • Private Cloud, Public and Hybrid Cloud Concepts
  • Migration of monolithic legacy systems into cloud native apps in microservice architectures
  • Operations, Maintenance and Service of Cloud Systems and platforms


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