Cloud Systems

Take Advantages of Public, Hybrid and Private Cloud Systems

mimacom is a founding member of the Cloudfoundry Foundation and pioneer in the adoption of cloud native technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, AWS and many more. We have proven expertise in creating individual solutions for your journey to the cloud. Cloud computing is not only an innovative way of hosting data, it can be a booster for your successful digital transformation and the way, software innovation is driving the growth of your business.

The mimacom mindset and approach for software development is a perfect match with the DevOps concept. The so called DevOps Trinity is aiming at unity of software development and implementation on three levels: people, processes and tools. It is not only about technology, but just as much about organizational behavior and mindset. We have been working agile for almost a decade and developed our own set of methods, quality measures and tools, called mimacom pathTM. mimacom is first in the world to successfully complete the Pivotal Platform Acceleration Lab Program.

We provide consultancy and development services for your cloud strategy and implementation. It does not matter where you stand with your efforts. Our expertise ranges from migration of existing applications and data into the cloud, transition of monolithic legacy systems into modern microservices architectures to the conception and creation of cloud native apps. The Pivotal Cloudfoundry Platform is the ideal solution for faster app development, testing automation and deployment of software.

Your Benefits of mimacom Cloud Systems

  • Reduce Costs, reduced or eliminate capital expenditure at stable or even reduced operational costs
  • Faster Time to Market through faster testing, deployment and DevOps enablement
  • Increase innovation through improved team collaboration
  • No downtime for system maintenance and updates
  • Increased flexibility, easy expansion of capacity
  • Global distribution of capacity and services, resulting in mobile optimization and geographic independency

mimacom Cloud Systems Services

  • Cloud Strategy Consulting
  • Private Cloud, Public and Hybrid Cloud Concepts
  • Cloud Native App Development
  • Migration of monolithic legacy systems into the cloud
  • Operations, Maintenance and Service of Cloud Systems
  • DevOps and Agile Coaching


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