Go from isolated solutions to an ecosystem of possibilities and services with the internet of things

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things needs Innovative Software to Come Alive

The internet of things (IoT) is the next industrial and social revolution. Sensors embedded in all kinds of devices and products generate data that can be exchanged with other devices and used to generate new insights or offer services that isolated products would not be able to deliver. The Internet of Things and Services has the potential to affect and change many aspects of the people`s lives around the world, but it also provides the chance to rethink the go-to-market approach for many businesses towards a networked way. The number of sensors that exist on this planet will reach 10.000 per capita on average by 2020. There is almost no industry that will not be turned upside down as part of this revolution. In many cases, the products affected will become or already are commodities. The profiteers are those companies who understand that the devices and products are only as vaulable as the data they generate and what they can do with it.

The real value creator in the internet of things world are not the devices or products that play in it. It is the software, that makes sense and use of the data that is becoming available for the first time and offer the suppliers of these devices and products to turn into solutions providers and offer a whole new level of customer experience, software-based value and also consider new business models that are not based on one-time transactions.

mimacom services for the Internet of Things world

  • Digital-Strategy Consulting for customer experience and business model development in the IoT world
  • Integration of device- and product-data delivered by sensors into platforms and portals
  • Mobile App development for IoT devices and products
  • Data search, data analytics and data intelligence for IoT based generated data
  • Proof of Concept and Workshops for first steps into the IoT world
  • Consulting and software architecture for an Internet of Things ecosystem
  • Cloud System and Cloud Native App development for the Internet of Things


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