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Digital Banking Suite

Digital Banking Suite takes your digital touchpoints to a new level

The mimacom Digital Banking Suite combines innovative functions with proven banking standards. The result: intuitive usability for both web banking and the mobile app, paired with state-of-the-art tools for successful customer service. Expand your e-banking now with the mimacom Digital Banking Suite and take your digital offerings to the next level.

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Excellent User Experience for Bank Customers

In addition to the usual online banking features for payment transactions, account management, balance display and documents, the solution offers innovative functionalities: chat and chatbots, a timeline similar to LinkedIn, a search function for all relevant information, and the ability to flexibly configure individual elements. This allows you to customize your banking suite while keeping costs under control.

The Digital Banking Suite was developed according to the mobile-first concept and offers a convenient experience for all devices, according to the preferences of your users. It goes without saying that we offer a consistent user experience throughout, not only via app, but also in web banking for an excellent customer experience.


Realtime Investment-Portfolio Manager

Real-time Portfolio Simulation

The Portfolio Manager serves as a decision support for investment strategies.

  • Stimulate additional trading orders using simulations of a wide variety of portfolios.
  • Check the impact of individual stocks on the performance of the virtual portfolio.
  • The customer sees the historical and current performance of the selected set in real time and can adjust the set at any time.

Multi-Channel App

One app for every device – from PC to tablet to smartphone.

  • Provide your customers with a consistent multi-channel experience for mobile and web banking.
  • Leave the common functionalities in silos and develop your Digital Touchpoints in a unified manner.
  • Provide the customer with the right service at the right time in the right place.
Chat & Bots

Chat and Bots

Stay close to customers at all times with secure and easy-to-use chat via mobile app (iOS and Android) and web banking.

  • Chat comes with pre-configured activities that are integrated into the core banking system.
  • For example, encourage more transactions by offering your customers customized investment ideas.
  • Use forms capabilities built into the chat, and handle regulatory compliance activities with end customers on the fly.


All information directly on the first page of the mobile app and the web banking portal.

  • Use the timeline as an area to generate interest in new products or to announce your news
  • Show past and upcoming events to ensure your customers are aware of latest developments
  • Integrate your digital marketing tool into the timeline and use this channel as an additional interaction opportunity with customers
DBS Search


One search for everything.

  • The search function is the place where clients can find everything that has already been completed, such as past payments, executed trade orders or received dividends.
  • The intuitively designed search also serves as a command interface, following the example of popular operating systems that use search as a quick navigation option. For example, a new trade order can be started, existing positions can be bought or sold, or a new payment can be created.
Become one of mimacom’s innovation partner and set new standards for your customers and employees with the Digital Banking Suite.
Alain Sahli, CEO mimacom

Usability meets innovative, configurable services

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Engage in dialog with your customers thanks to chat technology
Bots simplify and optimize your processes.


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Integrated marketing tools enable a unified customer journey across all touchpoints.


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Bring new functionality and products to market quickly using configuration instead of development efforts.


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Real-time calculation of portfolios, simulation to stimulate trading orders and real-time feedback
for A and S test.


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Reduce the total cost of ownership thanks to “buy” instead of “make”
using prefabricated adapters and flexible configurable building blocks and UIs.


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Use form features directly in chat, supported by chatbots, to enable customers to easily complete necessary tasks.



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Leading technologies for reliable banking

The mimacom Digital Banking Suite uses a combination of state-of-the-art infrastructure technologies and innovative solution design. Based on long-term partnerships, the mimacom specialists in these domains had top expertise from a wide range of reference projects in the banking environment.

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