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Clear competitive advantage through innovation

Policyholders expect that insurers will no longer focus on insurance products but on their needs. They want flexible, transparent insurance concepts that fit their current life situation exactly. And they want them to be bookable online.

New technologies enable insurance companies to offer innovative products such as micro, on-demand or peer-to-peer insurance via the internet. This new direct sales approach breaks with the traditional relationship between insurance company, customer and advisor as well as with traditional collaboration.

Innovative solutions from mimacom for sales and customer services offer insurance companies the opportunity to position themselves in a completely new and customer-centric way. Digital, intelligent processes help them to act faster, be more cost-efficient, more transparent and always legally compliant. They allow new types of insurance models and consulting methods.

With mimacom as our technology and development partner, we have developed the Customer Relationship Management, which together with our ERP is one of Atupri's most important strategic applications today. We profited from the technological know-how, but also from the flexibility and reliability of mimacom. Another essential point for a successful cooperation is the transparent, open and honest way of communication, as well as the fairness of the partnership.
Dieter Genge, Head of IT and Projects Atupri Health Insurance
Tailor-made portal functions save time while increasing profitability.
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