Machine Learning and AI with Liferay

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are currently two of the hottest topics in IT.

Even if both terms are often used in connection with each other, they do not denote the same thing. Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are already present in our everyday lives: from smart home entertainment solutions such as Amazon Alexa to partially self-driving cars, personalized product recommendations in online commerce, or fraud detection in the financial sector. Also, companies are already heavily committed to the commercial use of this revolutionary technology.

A practical and simple way for small to medium-sized companies to take advantage of Machine Learning in their day-to-day business is to use it in combination with an enterprise portal software such as Liferay. The idea behind this is that Machine Learning can be used to automate numerous functions and workflows and thus make them more efficient.

Companies should rely on a competent development partner when using digital platforms such as Liferay. In addition to professional advice on the selection and design of the most suitable solution, you should ensure that this partner provides complete support for the complex integration and ad-aptation of third-party systems.

The development partner should also ensure that the portal is always up to date and should provide comprehensive support for migration and upgrades as well as training for administrators and users.

Liferay offers an ideal platform for deploying Machine Learning applications today, and numerous open source solutions are already available for the development of corresponding models. Best of all, companies can easily leverage their existing IT environment without having to invest in additional hardware or server infrastructure.

Read more about the difference as well as the use in practice in our whitepaper.


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