Software Architecture: Free Template Download

Would you like to start your software architecture project? The free software architecture template from mimacom software architects offers you a practical orientation aid - for an easy start or for the optimization of an existing architecture.

System Architecture Template

The free template demonstrates an example of the structure of a software architecture documentation. The practical format makes it easier for you to get started with your next software architecture project and provides you with a practical overview based on a comprehensive table of contents:

  • Which elements have to be included in a software architecture documentation?
  • How do I structure my documentation?
  • What topics does a software architecture cover in specific terms?
  • Which elements are important for the structure of a software architecture?
  • How could I clearly arrange the individual elements? Practical sample diagrams offer tangible support

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Software Architecture Workshop by mimacom - achieve success togehter with our specialists

Do you wish specific support on the topic of software architecture? With years of experience from customer projects in various industries, the mimacom software architects support you in the development of your software architecture. mimacom as a reliable partner with proven expertise supports you in this process from the execution of structured workshops to documentation and the elaboration of a prioritized roadmap.

System Architecture Icon_Workshop


In workshops we work out the fundamentals together with you.

System Architecture Icon_Paperwork


mimacom creates the software architecture consisting of software design and documentation.

System Architecture Icon_Roadmap


Starting from a solid basis, we develop a roadmap together with you.

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