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An Employee Portal to provide corporate services at a leading insurance company

The Employee Portal launched by a leading insurance company in Spain is a corporate intranet that provides employees from different companies in the group with a variety of functions, such as collaboration, social, help and consultation tools, focused on connecting and collaborating with employees.

"Thanks to mimacom and the joint work with our team, we have achieved a product that offers users maximum value."

The challenge: to create a single point of access to corporate services for employees

Insurance employees increasingly depend on digital solutions to successfully adapt to the pace of change in the industry. The new intranet should become the nerve center of employee operations.

Additionally, in order to stay ahead of the competition, insurers must implement an agile approach - both in terms of customer experience and employee experience - in an increasingly digitized world.

As this transformation continues, consumer expectations for digital experiences are also increasing. After evaluating different solutions, our customer opted for a platform that can horizontally satisfy all the users´ needs, who, in this case, are the employees.

The solution: a new customized employee portal with a social component

The new portal was developed as a central point of access to other tools and services associated with the company's employees. Certain services were also integrated into the same intranet, such as access to remuneration, objectives, training, internal vacancies, etc.

One of the great values of the portal is its social aspect, being a site where employees can interact with each other through a series of applications, such as after-work meetings, sale of second-hand items or sharing photos or videos through an application, just like a social network.

"The development of the Employee Portal met all user expectations. Internally, the teams also collaborated closely and efficiently. The communication and development carried out by mimacom are of excellent quality."

Finally, in order to create tailored experiences for each user, portal content can be segmented. Portal administration is completely dynamic and is accompanied by the implementation of Liferay statistics to detect the portal’s strong points, as well as points in need of improvement.

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