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armasuisse: Milver

MILVER is an application for the administration and distribution of military ordinances. Our customer is armasuisse, a federal authority of the Federal Department of Defence Civil, Protection and Sport.

Various federal administration offices work with so-called military regulations (MilVo). Not only Armed Forces departments, such as training management, are affected, but also other federal offices, such as the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics BBL. The objectives of the MILVER application are to make the administration of these regulations more efficient and to support users. MILVER saves time and nerves, creates a framework and still offers the necessary flexibility.

Coordination and Organization

MILVER sees itself as a powerful planning and information system. Since it does not store the documents itself, its areas of application can be found in the coordination and organization of the documents. Whether it is the calculation of circulation amounts, the preparation of addresses for dispatch or the validation of orders on the basis of a stored distributor - the aim of the system is to make these administrative processes and thus the overall process more transparent and simpler. From the author to the user of a regulation.

An Interaction of Different Users

Efficiency and effectiveness, the core concerns of mimacom path, are of course also important for this application. mimacom path, mimacom's service product, comprises the modules Methods, Toolchain, Technology and Services and together covers the entire Application Lifecycle Management. MILVER enables schools and logistics centers to order regulations online. This allows you to organize a centralized delivery of regulations and saves shipping costs.

Scrum and HERMES - a Contradiction?

The use of mimacom path is accompanied by the use of the agile development framework Scrum. At the same time, HERMES is a binding project management method in the federal administration environment. A contradiction? Experience in MILVER has shown that this does not have to be a contradiction at all. Both methods were successfully applied side by side, it was shown that the HERMES method and the concept of Scrum complement each other well. While HERMES says what has to be done in a project, Scrum gives the procedure. The combination of HERMES and Scrum has made a significant contribution to the successful completion of the MILVER project.

"Milver is great, it has only one flaw: it's 10 years too late."

Christoph Reist, Managing Editor, ZEM

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