Success Story

New corporate website for a better usability and CNMV compliance

The IPO of a leading insurance company in Spain made it necessary to redesign its corporate website in order to comply with the requirements established by the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission (CNMV) and to get some improvements in usability, SEO and accessibility to the portal.

The challenge: Redesign of the portal with very specific guidelines

As all listed companies, this insurance company had to adapt the existing corporate website to comply with the legal regulations. The portal should provide all the information of interest to potential shareholders and investors as well as the information required by the regulator.

At the same time, the CNMV guidelines also required an adaptation of the portal in terms of design, which at all times had to take into account the aesthetics, user experience and usability. Optimizing a Liferay portal for SEO is not an easy task, because many of the development components must also be adapted to meet certain guidelines.

The solution: A portal focused on user experience

mimacom worked on the design adaptations, focusing on the user experience and usability of the site and working with the SEO team involved in the optimization of the portal. The objectives that have been achieved are:

  • Portal in two languages, scalable in the future
  • Design and structure compliant with CNMV regulations
  • SEO adaptation
  • Responsive portal

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Success Story (PDF)

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