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SPHAIR is a portal solution that optimally supports the Swiss Air Force in the business process from recruiting and selection to planning courses for flying and non-flying personnel and administrations.


SPHAIR - talents for the sky is a training platform of the Swiss Air Force that primarily serves as a pre-military selection for parascouts or professional pilots. The portal solution developed by mimacom for SHPAIR can be divided into two parts.

A public section containing the website with information on the training and career of jet/helicopter pilots and parascouts (https://www.sphair.ch).

This responsive section was designed according to the design specifications of the Swiss Air Force, so that the target group can be optimally addressed. The content - texts, images, films - is maintained by SPHAIR administrators in the integrated Content Management System. Once candidates are registered, they are guided through the selection process in a private area.

This private area, the "expert part" is integrated into the portal and only accessible to Air Force users. The section was made to rflect the recruiting process as a workflow, to collect data, to carry out evaluations as well as to plan and administrate courses.


mimacom was responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance and further development of the portal solution for the Swiss Air Force, which is characterised as follows:

  • Dynamic calendar planning by means of a visually supported planning tool
  • Mail management: Automatic and manually triggerable mailing
  • Debtor management: Incoming payments can be managed via BESR
  • User- and rights management by administrators
  • Document management system incl. rights management through intelligent search
  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • Reporting with intelligent evaluation
  • Journal: Logging of status changes during the course of the process

Project Details

Industry: Defense / Air Force

Team: 5 members including Project Manager, Scrum Master, Requirements Engineer, Software Architect, Testmanager

Users: 130 instructors, 100‘000 calls as well as 1000 candidate registrations yearly

Development Period:

  • Development r1.0:2010
  • Go live r1.0: 2011
  • On-going: Maintenance, support and development (5 change releases)

Products / Technologies:

  • Liferay
  • Spring
  • ICEfaces

"mimacom is young, dynamic and successful - personal suggestions are taken seriously and implemented at a high level of quality."

Beat Hedinger, Manager SPHAIR, Swiss Air Force

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