Frontend Software Engineer - React

Frontend Software Engineer - React

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Are you ready to be inspired, challenged, motivated to do your best, and have fun while you're at it? We're on the lookout for a Frontend Software Engineer to join our team at Mimacom, where we play off each other's strengths to create exciting digital products for customers all over the world.

At Mimacom, we stay ahead of the curve. We develop digital products that enable businesses to achieve faster, easier, and more impressive results, whether it's in banking, retail, manufacturing, life sciences, or beyond. Right now, our software touches the lives of 50 million users every single day.

Behind every one of our products is a brilliant group of people who share the same values, working collaboratively to create actual solutions for real problems. Join us at Mimacom as a Frontend Software Engineer and let's create something amazing together!

Dein Profil

We are seeking individuals who are team players with an analytical mindset. Beyond that, you’ll succeed in this role if you’ve got the following qualifications:

  • At least 4 years of experience in Frontend software development.

  • Solid knowledge in Javascript / Typrescript (+ES6), HTML, CSS / SASS.

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience with React JS, especially with Hooks.

  • Knowledge of Jest and TDD is a plus.

  • You write efficient, secure, well-documented clean code.

  • Professional level of English and Spanish.

  • You are based in Spain, or are willing to relocate.

Even if you don’t check off every one of these boxes, we’d love to hear from you. Talk to one of our recruitment team to discuss what you might be able to bring to our projects.

Deine Challenge

As part of our team, your contributions will play a part in helping today’s leading companies stay ahead. As a Frontend Software Engineer, you will design code that matters with some of the most exciting companies in Europe. Here's an overview of what you'll be doing:

  • You will follow agile programming best practices, development conventions and adopt a Devops culture

  • You will express your solid skills on Javascript, HTML, CSS3 and modern web frameworks, like React.

  • You understand the importance of testing, and will participate in crafting a robust test suite using Jest and react-testing-library

  • Stay up-to-date with open source trends and emerging frontend technologies

  • Give support in the architecture definition and design of the solution, rooted in clean architecture principles, SOLID, hexagonal architecture and DDD.

  • Be part of a team that applies a continuous improvement model by doing pair programming, code reviews, etc., bringing code quality and good practices.

Deine Chance

Your personal and professional growth is important to us, and we offer a range of benefits and opportunities to support your journey. Here's what you can expect when joining our team:

  • Holidays & Flextime: You will enjoy 30 days of vacation. We understand that while you love your work, it’s just one part of a whole person. That’s why we allow you to work in a way that accommodates your lifestyle and other commitments.

  • Fully remote from anywhere in Spain: No matter where you are, be part of the team. Beat the commute and join us from the comfort of your own home with this remote position. Or, if you wish, come to any of our offices in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona or Gijón.

  • Career Growth: We work hand-in-hand with you to create a plan that fuels your professional development and helps you make an impact on your projects.

  • Hardware Budget: We offer your choice of hardware packages, providing you with the tools you need to do your best work.

  • Team Get-Togethers: From sharing a meal to team retreats, we invest in the things that make you feel part of a community. You don’t have to come, but it'd be great to have you there.

At Mimacom, we know that creative minds thrive on exciting projects. Join our team and be part of a lively community that’s all about working together, growing together, and coming up with innovative ideas and technologies!

Our company is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage candidates from all walks of life to apply, as we believe in providing equal opportunities to everyone.

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