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Mimacom employees enhance expertise in Flowable Low-Code Master Class

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Several employees from Mimacom recently completed an intensive training program known as the Flowable Low-Code Master Class. This advanced training aimed to equip participants with in-depth knowledge of low-code modeling within Flowable, a Business Process Automation platform. Through comprehensive sessions and interactive discussions, participants delved into various advanced topics, enhancing their expertise in process management and low-code development.

Dive into advanced Flowable modeling techniques

The Flowable Low-Code Master Class served as a continuation of the "Introduction to Flowable Modeling" course. Over two half-day sessions, the training provided a deep dive into the intricacies of low-code development, catering to Flowable modelers and developers seeking to expand their proficiency.

Empowering Expertise: Mimacom participants master advanced Flowable concepts

Throughout the training, participants aimed to achieve several learning objectives, including:

  • Proficiently model complex requirements in Flowable using BPMN and CMMN notation using Multi-Instance Behavior, Sequences, and other advanced low-code concepts.

  • Learn how to utilize data objects to organize cases or process data efficiently.

  • Understand how events and listeners can enhance process and case logic.

  • Become familiar with the structure and capabilities of the Flowable REST API.

  • Get first experience integrating Flowable with external REST APIs using the Service Registry.

  • Acquire knowledge about the basics of Flowable Elasticsearch and working with indexes.

“The Masterclass was an intense dive into the Flowable product. Training sessions like that ensure Mimacom is the ideal partner for implementing digital solutions with Flowable."

Georgios Konstantoulakis, Digital Product Consultant at Mimacom Germany

The Ideal Implementation Partner for Flowable

By completing the Flowable Low-Code Master Class, participants from Mimacom have enhanced their knowledge of Flowable modeling and low-code development. Equipped with advanced skills and insights gained from the training, they are poised to confidently tackle complex projects, applying their competencies to support their customers with even more expertise.

As Flowable's sister company and top implementation partner, we at Mimacom invest heavily in our Flowable expertise. By completing the Flowable Low-Code Master Class, our employees have deepened their understanding and honed their skills, making us the go-to choice for seamless Flowable integrations.

Partner with us for unrivaled expertise and unmatched dedication to delivering exceptional solutions.

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