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Digital Solutions and Custom Software for healthcare and Medical Tech

Mimacom focuses on the human factor in life sciences. With extensive market expertise in the healthcare and medical sector and the right set of technologies, we guide hospitals, pharmaceutical institutions, and laboratories on their digital transformation journey through our custom software development services.

Benefits of digital life sciences

From more efficient patient management to data-based proof of efficacy, automated transcription processes, and much more, digital transformation disrupts the life science sector, enhancing research and saving lives.

Digital solutions to improve health services

Would you like to provide better care? Did you ever dream of completely focusing on patients instead of spending hours with paperwork? With customized software solutions by Mimacom, you can enter a new era of digital healthcare, ranging from classical healthcare to medical technology and pharma.

E-health solutions bring added value to patients, medical staff, and institutions. New business models such as home treatment, secure online touchpoints, and automated compliance make e-health software crucial in life sciences today.

Accelerate your business efficiency with Mimacom

Equipped with leading technology, expert training, long-term partnerships, and thoughtful consultancy, we deliver cutting-edge projects to our customers.

Our industry expertise

allows us to understand your challenge and your users` needs.

Our services

are customized to your requirements. We help you where you need our support.

Our technology stack

provides leading digital solutions. We choose what is suitable for you and use open source where possible.

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