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Cloud Engineering Services: Strategy and Technology with Mimacom

Make cloud-based working your competitive advantage. Reduce development times, accelerate your time to market, and improve product-market fit with a flexible, scalable cloud architecture. Ensure the best cloud strategy with Mimacom's Cloud Services.

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From consulting to development to training, Mimacom is your partner for cloud engineering. We can guide you on your cloud journey or help you improve your cloud infrastructure, helping you generate measurable success, reduce effort, and create added value for your employees and business.

Benefits of the cloud

Cloud computing enables you to stay ahead by providing new opportunities to create progressive digital services and respond to evolving business needs fast.

Enable innovation

The cloud can help you tap into the latest technologies and tools, such as low-code, containers, composable apps, managed data, analytics, and machine learning services. Experiment and test new ideas quickly and easily in the cloud to drive growth.

Faster time to market

Use cloud infrastructure to develop new products and services, and rapidly take them to market. Speed up app delivery and boost productivity with cloud-managed services, cloud-based DevOps, and automation.

Excellent customer experience

Create high-quality, user-friendly products with cloud services. Centralize customer data from all sources and gain insights into the customer journey with analytics and simplified data management. Cloud computing allows you to deliver products that solve customer problems and improve customer experiences.

Head of Cloud / Fabian Keller

With cloud engineering, you generate measurable success, reduce effort, and create genuine added value for your employees and your business.

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Our services: Cloud strategy, computing, and technology

Together with you, our cloud experts develop tailored cloud solutions within an agile project setup. We enable you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the long term.

We help you get the most out of cloud computing by developing a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your business objectives. This supports digital transformation and rapid response to changing market demands.

Evolve your business with Mimacom as your cloud engineering partner

We exceed expectations

Our cloud experts go the extra mile for you – even before a contract has been closed. We exceed customer expectations from day one.

We combine industry and technological expertise

We take the time to understand your restrictions, goals, needs, and systems, such as your existing technology environment, regulatory obligations, and competitors. Our solutions are built on years of industry knowledge and deep technical expertise in cloud computing.

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With us, you’ll stay ahead

We guide you end to end to create, run, maintain, and support your software. Mimacom is not just a software service or consulting company but your partner every step of the way.

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Head of Cloud / Fabian Keller

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Head of Cloud Germany
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Head of Cloud Switzerland