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Custom Manufacturing Digital Solutions

Speed up your manufacturing operations and boost your sales. Mimacom is your partner for digital transformation in machine and plant manufacturing. Together, we enable you to reach maximum efficiency and impress your customers. We provide you with customer software development services to speed up your operations.

Goodbye manual manufacturing, hello digitalization

Monitor your machine performance, automate your operations, and digitalize your customer service. No more switching between systems, no more missing data, or mailboxes overflowing with customer requests.

Have one software to excel at every step of your supply chain

Instead of managing countless disconnected systems in parallel, we provide you with software that connects data from all relevant departments: sales, customer service, production, and operations. We develop a technical solution that integrates your existing system landscape into one central touchpoint.

Process automation is crucial for a fast time to market, quality control, and effective global collaboration. It allows you to digitalize and automate all your operations for better, more efficient manufacturing.

Accelerate your business efficiency with Mimacom

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, expert training, long-term partnerships, and thoughtful consultancy, a collaboration with us creates maximum competitiveness for our customers.

Our industry expertise

allows us to understand your challenge and your users` needs.

Our services

are customized to your requirements. We help you where you need our support.

Our technology stack

provides leading digital solutions. We choose what is suitable for you and use open source where possible.

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Managing Director Germany

Florian Gau

Managing Director and CDO