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Custom Software Engineering Services: Developed By Mimacom

Whether you want to build custom software, extend existing software, or transform an on-premises legacy system into a cloud-based microservice architecture, you've come to the right place. Our company develops customizable and highly scalable software solutions tailored to your needs.

We help you develop software solutions fast for your specific use cases. At Mimacom, infrastructure modernization, setup, cloud, data engineering, and business process automation go hand-in-hand with software engineering to make up the core of our offering.

Benefits of Software Engineering with Mimacom

Benefit from strategic software development and consulting to increase profits and ensure long-term competitiveness with Mimacom.


Replace costly and complex legacy systems with easily maintainable software. Benefit from reduced maintenance costs, less deployment effort, no vendor lock-in, and shorter lead time.

Scalability, flexibility, agility

Replace rigid infrastructures with compliant modern systems. Say goodbye to slow manual processes with lots of paperwork and hello to scalable software that keeps your business flexible and agile.


Shorten your time to market, gain visibility for new products, and differentiate yourself from competitors with quality software based on market demands. Mimacom is the right partner because we focus on understanding your customers.

Hauni Körber technologies

“With the implementation of the new customer portal, Mimacom has significantly contributed to the digital transformation of our business model. Together with the customer, we now benefit from fast and intelligent service.”

Bernd PapeHead of Digitalization at Körber Technologies
Logo Körber Technologies

Our services: Software consulting, custom development, support, and training

With Mimacom, you get exactly the software you need to run your business successfully. We focus on evaluating your requirements and developing an MVP within weeks. Mimacom is your partner to guide you all the way: from strategy to deployment to long-term assistance.

We develop software that matches your needs and adapts to your systems. Our custom software solutions are fine-tuned to your use cases.

Evolve your business with Mimacom as your partner for Software Engineering

We exceed expectations

Our software engineering experts go the extra mile for you – even before a contract has been closed. We exceed customer expectations from day one.

We combine industry and technological expertise

We take the time to understand your restrictions, goals, needs, and systems, such as your existing technology environment, regulatory obligations, and competitors. Our solutions are built on years of industry knowledge and deep technical expertise in software engineering.

Software architect at work before computer

With us, you’ll stay ahead

We guide you end to end to create, run, maintain, and support your software. Mimacom is not just a software service or consulting company but your partner every step of the way.

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