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Digital Retail Solutions and Software Services

Increase sales and exceed expectations with faster, connected retail solutions. Mimacom is your partner for cutting-edge retail solutions – digital, on-site, and virtual metaverse engagement. Together, we level up your digital performance and customer journey.

Forget anonymous retail. Provide a personalized customer experience.

Share data across systems, offer individualized customer touchpoints, and accelerate your business processes.

One partner to accompany you at every step of your digital transformation

Instead of disparate software solutions across various providers, get one expert to guide you through all aspects of digitalization. Mimacom creates software solutions based on your requirements, integrated into your systems, and ready to scale to your needs.

Today, most retailers have to deal with large volumes of data, simultaneous projects, and constant fluctuations. This requires software that enables you to collaborate in real-time and easily exchange data. A solution like the Confluent platform allows users to connect and process data, and engage in real time. With this tool, even teams that are working on different projects with different technologies can easily transfer information between previously siloed systems.

Accelerate your business efficiency with Mimacom

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, expert training, long-term partnerships, and thoughtful consultancy, a collaboration with us creates maximum competitiveness for our customers.

Our industry expertise

allows us to understand your challenge and your users` needs.

Our services

are customized to your requirements. We help you where you need our support.

Our technology stack

provides leading digital solutions. We choose what is suitable for you and use open source where possible.

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