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Want to create meaningful solutions to everyday challenges?

Join Mimacom and develop software that makes a difference.

From banking to retail, manufacturing to telecoms, to the organizations that shape society, our software is a part of the daily lives of people all over the world. It makes things faster, easier, and delivers better results. 

We know that behind every slick line of code is a bright idea. These ideas are powered by the creativity and close collaboration of our team, who each bring their own bit of brilliance.

Be part of a team whose digital solutions reach 50 million users every day.

Welcome to Mimacom

So, why should you join us? Because we are a slightly different kind of company...

Nuno Monteiro

VP of People & Organization

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Once you join us, you will...

... solve real problems

Name an industry, a situation, a place, or process and theres probably a Mimacom solution somewhere around. Our clients have some of the biggest customer bases in the world, so if you work with us, the work you do will have a tangible impact.

... get creative

Theres no such thing as just a line of code. Its more like a painting; it can be a masterpiece or a stick figure. It takes a wild imagination to create a simple solution, which is why we nurture creativity, encourage questions, and let you experiment.

... keep learning

We believe if you never stop learning, the good ideas will keep on flowing. Thats why we invest in our team’s professional development at every level, whether it be through everyday collaboration or getting you on that course youve been coveting. 

... own your career

You have a say over when, where, and how you work, on the projects that interest you with the hardware you want to use. Let us know what you need and well do our best to make it happen.

... stay at the cutting edge

We know that an important aspect of investing in our people is investing in the tools they use. Were always analyzing which technologies will help make your ideas a reality. Wherever possible, we opt for open source. 

... work with like-minded people

Our diverse team is creative, collaborative, and always up for a challenge. We bring together different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives to work towards a common goal: creating software solutions that solve everyday problems for real people.

Once you join us, you will...

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Benefits and perks

Career plan

Your personal growth is key to our teams’ success. We’ll develop a personalized professional development plan for you.


You’re passionate about what you do, but we get that there’s more to life than work. That’s why we let you work in a way that suits your lifestyle and other commitments.

Hybrid workspace

There’s no need to come into the office every day. We provide you with everything you need to work from home.

Hardware budget

You will get a great hardware set-up, with a variety of choices to make sure you can perform at your best with the tools you like and need.


We provide a healthy work-life balance and customized well-being benefits so you can stay refreshed and recharged. 

Team get-togethers

From sharing a meal to team retreats, we invest in the things that make you feel part of the team. You don’t have to come, but it'd be great to have you there.

Coffee, soft drinks, and snacks

Stay energized with complimentary refreshments and snacks. We believe a well-stocked kitchen sparks creativity and productivity, making your everyday work experience that little bit better.

Mimacom is a Mimacom Flowable Group company. MFG brands create functional software solutions that improve experiences for both customers and end users. Our team of bright minds believes in technology’s potential to transform the way we work, so together, we can thrive.

At a glance

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    A growing team

    people work with us, all bringing unique ideas, skills, and insights

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    The brightest and best

    of our workforce comprises exceptional tech talent, from design to development

  • >0m

    Remarkable reach

    users all over the world interact with our software solutions everyday

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    Globally oriented, local to you

    locations and growing in North America and Europe, with HQ in Bern, Switzerland

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    Dynamic and resilient

    annual growth rate since 2013, with a positive outlook into the future

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    Experienced and innovative

    years of experience creating software solutions for a wide range of industries


The way we work is more than words. To be a part of the team is to live these values, which we see as integral to our approach to developing products and solutions. 

We see diversity as an opportunity to make our team better thanks to different backgrounds, skills, and opinions. Each member makes a unique, valuable contribution.

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